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At Luxe Elicious Beauty we take pride in what we do and therefore take our time to ensure a professional service.

Hot Wax
Lycon Rosette Hot Wax is a premium, creamy pink wax with Chamomile and Rose which is exceptional for extra sensitive areas, like eyebrows, lips, chins, underarms and the bikini areas.  It is applied to the area that requires waxing, allowed to cool on the skin, which hardens the wax and traps the hairs. It is then manually removed without the use of a muslin strip.  A soothing crème is applied to the area after waxing to avoid redness.

Does it Hurt? This can vary from individual to individual. Many people feel a slight discomfort while others may feel a brief pain, much like when ripping off a bandage. Hard wax is used to reduce discomfort and minimize the possibility of irritation because it attaches to the hair only, and not the skin.

Strip Wax
Caron Pure Olive Oil Strip Wax is a natural formula with soothing olive oil, it instantly nourishes and softens the skin for a restoring wax treatment that gives exceptional results. It is used for the legs, arms, chest and back areas.

Lip Wax $15
Chin Wax $15
Sides of Face Wax $15
Underarm Wax $20
Half Arm Wax $20
Full Arm Wax $32
Half Leg Wax $30
Top Leg Wax $40
Full Leg Wax $55
Basic Bikini Wax $25
G-String Bikini Wax $45
Brazilian Wax $60
Snail Trail Wax $10
Chest Wax $50
Back Wax $45