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Cosmetic Brow Tattooing is also known as Feather Touch Brows, Microblading, Hairstroke Brows or Feather Stroke Tattooing. This is a semi permanent, manual tattoo procedure that lasts 12-18 months on average. Using pigments specially designed for use on our delicate facial areas, a small hand tool is skillfully used to create individual hair strokes to mimic natural hair growth patterns.

Your procedure includes a full shape and colour consultation, and we will never proceed without your full approval on colour and shape. You will be numbed before and throughout your procedure, with any discomfort being mild to non existent!

This is a two part procedure and your second procedure, known as your perfection visit will take place on approximately eight (8) weeks later. During your perfection visit we will assess your pigment retention and your healed brows, and reinforce pigment in any places where required, if any.

Emily is a professional Cosmetic Brow Tattooist and Makeup Artist. Known for her skill in eyebrow sculpting and perfecting eyebrows through makeup application, Emily has immersed herself in the world of Semi Permanent makeup, providing gorgeous, natural looking brows to her clients.

With an eye for detail and extensive training in brow shaping, colour selection and effective use of topical anesthetics, Emily provides a comfortable, friendly and professional service.

No two faces are the same and Emily carefully considers face shape, skin tone and hair colour to customize a perfect set of brows for each individual.

Important Booking Information:

As Emily is traveling from interstate for these procedure, dates are not flexible and you MUST ensure you are available for both your initial procedure AND your perfection visit. Failure to attend both appointments does not entitle you to any refund as the perfection visit is complimentary.

A non refundable booking fee of $100.00 is payable immediately to secure your booking and will be taken off your total amount owing. Full payment is made at your initial procedure appointment. Total cost of Cosmetic Brow Tattoo will be $550.00. Please advise if you have any allergies, skin conditions or medical conditions. To see more of Emily’s beautiful work please click on the following link