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Winter Warmers for Glowing Skin

Winter is traditionally the time of year when we hunker down, stay in, and snuggle up in something comfy.  However, there are many benefits to a winter facial treatment which will not only leave you looking beautiful, but feeling great too.

Despite the lack of sunshine, our skin gets no relief from the harsh UV rays over winter. This combined with the drying effects of the wind and the lack of humidity in the air can leave your skin irritated, scaly and sallow.

A facial works to counteract these effects in three ways: by improving circulation, by providing deep cleansing, and by restoring moisture and hydration.

The reason we want to improve circulation to our face is to stimulate our own skin’s natural renewal, leaving a complexion which looks younger and feels smoother. This stimulation can take the form of exfoliants, masks or peels which removes the dead skin cells to reveal the new skin cells underneath.  Exfoliation also allows for ingredients to be absorbed more deeply into your skin, maximising the benefits.

Deep cleansing is important for all skin types, but particularly those prone to blemishes. A facial includes cleansing which helps unblock your pores and promotes healing and restoration. Our daily cleansing regime might be adequate for makeup and grime removal but for skin that is truly clean, a facial gives a much greater result.

Finally, the skin is nourished with a moisturiser matched to your skin type. In general, in winter we require more moisture and protection, which means we need to remain vigilant with our sun protection, in all four seasons.

Remember, one of the ultimate health benefits of a facial is the deep relaxation, stress relief and inner warmth which comes from taking time out to nurture ourselves.

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